One of the most used parts on your Hot Tub is the Topside Control often referred to as The Keypad or The thing with the buttons, there are literally hundreds of variations of Topsides from dozens of manufacturers and often each brand of Hot Tub will carry the suppliers name, Balboa Topsides and Gecko Topsides are probably the 2 most common Hot tub Topsides we replace and can be found on Arctic Spas, Spaform, Canadian Spas, Coast Spas and Coyote Spas to name but a few, You may find that after a while the buttons on your Topside don’t respond as they used to or the Topside screen has suffered from water ingress and can’t be read, we at Hot Tub Solutions can replace all types of Hot Tub Topsides including Arctic Spas, Hotspring, Spaform, Coast spas, Coyote Spas and Balboa Topsides, whether your are in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh or Glasgow, we have Topsides and will travel!