Mars Hot Tub

6 Person | 49 Jets

The Venus is our star buy tub. This 6 seat tub has so much more features for a truly eye catching price.


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”Everything you need to get started”

Steps and cover

Included in this remarkable deal:

  • Delivery* and installation of your new tub
  • Insulated spa cover and cover lifter
  • Chemical starter pack
  • 2 years parts and labour warranty
  • Aftercare that you can trust
Dimensions2150 × 2150 × 900 mm
Total number of bathers6 Prs
Lounge beds1 Prs
Seat5 Prs
Water volume1450 litres
Dry weight330 kg
Power requirement32 Amp (230V/50Hz)
Total number of jets49
Hydro massage pump1 x 2 HP 2 speed, 1 x 2 HP
Shell materialPU reinforced antimicrobial acrylic (6,3 mm) Pearl White
Chromotherapy lighting18  x 1 LED
Heating unit3kW Gecko
Air inlet regulator4
3/4” Drain1
CabinetMaintenance-free Synthetic
Cabinet colourBrushed grey
Spa coverThermal cover with locks


The exclusive on-demand colour therapy mood lighting includes 12 waterline led point lights within the bathing area.

Aquatic Audio System

Plays music wirelessly via a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or MP3 device. (Optional Extra)


Our specially designed adjustable warm water jets direct deep tissue hydro-massage to specific points of the body’s muscle-skeletal system.

Touch pad

The touch pads allow easy adjustment of all the spa’s features including temperature, jets, lighting etc.

myHip™ Jets

These jets are in just the right place to assist in breaking down body fats around the hips and toning the soft tissues.

myJETS ™ Neck and shoulders massage

Special downward facing neck and shoulder jets for the ultimate stress relief massage.

Non-Slip Surface

Safe access for all.

mySEAT ™ for Man & Woman

Our unique mySEAT™ lounge ensures exceptional comfort for different body sizes.

We have 4 beautiful shades of acrylic, with antibacterial protection, for our spas that will harmonise with any setting.

Tuscan Sun

Storm Clouds

Sterling Silver

Pearl White

Mood lighting

Our spas all come with built in colour therapy lighting as standard

Did you know that colours affect our moods?

The ancient art of Chromotherapy has been practiced since early Egyptian times and now, our super bright led lighting technology has brought it right into the 21st century.

Based on 4 colours it can be set to a particular colour, or gently fade through the entire spectrum.

Each individual colour will subtly influence our mood, so when used in conjunction with the hydro-massage it forms part of our overall MylineSpa wellness program.

Strength and beauty

The sculptured soft curves, deep seats, and stretch out legroom of a MylineSpa are more than just good ergonomics and style. The really clever stuff is hidden within the spa shell out of sight where our industry leading technology adds exceptional safety, strength, durability, and longevity to every MylineSpa we sell.

Microban. is an antibacterial material used extensively in plastic kitchenware such as cutting boards to guard against bacteria. It cannot be cleaned away and lasts for the life of the product, and it’s also inside all our MylineSpa acrylic shells for the samereason.

Beneath the top surface are 3 more layers of specially formulated high technology polymer coatings to stiffen and insulate each Spa shell. This ground breaking system is so advanced it needs robots to apply it. This produces a super strong, eco neutral, bio degradable, totally safe hot tub shell that will protect both your investment and your family for many years into the future.

cover6,3 mm thick acrylic layer
PU foam reinforcement in several layers

Why a MylineSpa shell is better

  • Super quiet operation because the sound insulation is actually part of the shell – not just a sprayed on afterthought.
  • Industry leading insulation properties, the entire shell system insulates so reducing energy costs and putting money back in your pocket.

One of the industries best shell warranties for years to come..

  • Eco friendly – Our Myline shells are ultimately biodegradable and hazard neutral, we are proud of our lead in producing genuinely clean, green products from Europe’s most modern hot tub factory.


Our shells can never wear or fade as its actually part of the shell itself. An occasional wipe over will restore its lustre and even scratches can be easily removed. Our exclusive and contemporary “Polar” colours will tone with any garden, whether contemporary or traditional.

Weatherproof cabinet

Every MylineSpa comes as standard with our award winning maintenance free cabinet. The simply stunning finish is impervious to environmental attack such as ultra violet, rain, frost etc, just an occasional wipe over will keep your MylineSpa looking as good as new for years into the future. The European chic of our Driftwood cabinet has been carefully selected to blend with and compliment any garden, whether contemporary or traditional.

Saving energy

Effective insulation is extremely important to keep running costs to a minimum. Our unique MylineSpa “Reflective Thermal Barrier” (RTB) insulation bounces waste heat back into the plumbing, whilst keeping out the colder outer air. We’ve even built this system into the spa’s cover to reflect rising heat back into the water.

This integrated system means a MylineSpa is exceptionally economical to own. Many spa manufacturers still use discredited spray foam insulation whilst, a few even still mount the spa equipment, actually outside the spa cabinet. These old legacy systems are outdated and expensive to run plus they damage our environment.


More energy saving with the polyfoam insulation on spa floor and cabinet inside.


  • Very long losting- constant Lambda value.
  • Safe- non-toxic, non allergen, no condensation, no bacteria, clean, odourless material, no smell, no fogging.
  • Flexible and light weight material.
  • Saves resources, very good insulation properties.
  • CFC free!

The spa heatmap picture here is an infrared image.The persons face is red, indicating a high heat loss, whilst the pastel green and blues of the MylineSpa indicate a very low heat loss as almost all the heat is kept inside the spa and cabinet.

The secret of longevity

A house is only as strong as its foundations – we use the same principle to build a MylineSpa.

1. Reinforced ABS polymer floor pan

The floor pan is the foundation upon which we build our spas. The sides extend 100mm upwards to form a moisture and insect proof barrier. It is completely covered with our RTB insulation to prevent valuable waste heat being drawn out by the “cold sink effect” of damp ground.

2. Cabinet frame

Our unique polymer perimeter frame fits to the floor pan rim and supports the insulated cabinet panels, adding even greater strength and stability to the overall structure.

3. Shell supports

Special pillars support the spa shell and evenly distribute the bather load across our foundation spa base.

Easy operation

Our new spa touch panels make easy work of controlling all the functions in your MylineSpa. A large screen displays the bathing temperature, and simple fingertip touch pads allow easy adjustment of all the spa’s features including temperature, jets, lighting etc.

New SmartPhone™ application with WiFi connect!

Take control of your spa remotely! Sit back and enjoy the all new Spa Application for your SmartPhone™. Take control of your spa anywhere at anytime.

Set the temperature, heat mode, lights and pumps all with a single touch.


Gecko is one of  the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic control systems for the spa and hottub industry and the recognised leaders for innovation, ease of use, and reliability.

Every Myline Spa model is equipped with Balboa’s latest generation of solid state panels and controllers which have no moving parts, to ensure our spas are super reliable, dependable and easy to operate.


Our Spa’s multi-stage filtering and conditioning system is designed to provide exceptionally high quality crystal clear bathing water. Our cartridge micro filter removes tiny particles that could cloud the water.

We also include a high quality Ozonator for additional water quality.

This device produces Ozone which when mixed with water is a powerful oxidant that helps to destroy bacteria, viruses, and algae that could be present in the water. In addition the microban antimicrobial material within the shell helps to shrug off contaminates and force them to be drawn into the filter.

Bathing in a hot tub should be safe and fun so each MylineSpa has a comprehensive 5-stage water filtration and conditioning system, carefully designed and optimised for each model.

Stage 1.

Filtration: Several times an hour all the bathing water is passed through the cartridge micro-filters. Tiny particles that could otherwise cloud the water are trapped and held in the filter medium. Periodic rinsing of the filter is all that’s required for repeated re-use

Stage 2.

Circulation: The pump operates at a very low energy setting during filtration and users can easily set the start time, duration and frequency of cycles– thus optimising water quality for minimal energy costs.

Stage 3.

Conditioning: Every MylineSpa model is equipped with a high quality Ozonator as standard. This device generates Ozone ( O3 ). When mixed with water, Ozone becomes a very effective oxidiser, killing any bacteria, viruses, and algae. After filtering, all the water is treated this way, which dramatically improves its quality as a result.

Stage 4.

Microban™ spa shell: Once the filtered and conditioned water is returned to the spa basin, any new build up of contaminates that try and adhere to the water line are shrugged off by the anti-microbial properties of the Microban™ within and are therefore drawn easily back into the filter for removal and treatment.

Stage 5

Sanitation: As with all spas a suitable sanitizing agent must be regularly added to the spa water for safe bathing. Your dealer can advise you on this.


No more sliding down the lounge bed because the footrest is too far away! Our exclusive lounger has subtle additional heal rests in just the right place so everyone is comfortable.

Neck and shoulders massage jets

We’ve designed in special downward facing neck and shoulder jets for the ultimate stress relief massage. Each contour of this intensive massage seat matches your body shape so that every one of the many jets provides a perfect hydro-massage experience.

Each seat in our Spa is equipped with a different jet arrangement so everybody can find their favourite.

Hip Jets

These exclusive jets are in just the right place to assist in breaking down body fats around the hips and toning the soft tissues.

Their hydro-massage can also be beneficial in helping rehabilitation following hip injury or surgery.