This recent Jacuzzi Hot Tub installation in Morpeth Northumberland was a bit of a tight fit to say the least, the main access panel is on the only oped side at the front of the hot tub which is handy from a service point of view but in the event there are any issues at either side or the back of the Spa it’s going to be an issue with access.

When planning the location for your new hot tub it’s always worth factoring in the fact that at some point something may go wrong and that access is required all Round the Hot Tub and not just the access panel to the front, all domestic hot tubs are designed for above ground and in the case you decide to sink the Hot Tub or build around the hot tub its down to you to provide access to the Spa in the event of a failure, it’s also important you have adequate drainage if the tub is below the surface of in the event there is water escape you may flood the Hot Tub and all the components resulting in an expensive repair.