Covers for Hot Tubs have many different references, Hot Tub Lids, Hot Tub Covers, Tops for Hot Tubs, essentially they are all the same thing it’s the quality that changes.

Hot Tub Solutions can supply new Tub Lids to fit all make as and Models of Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, all our tub lids are made with premium quality materials allowing us to offer a 3 year warranty on any manufacturing defects.

Tub Lids can be supplied in a choice of 12 colours and and 3 insulation thicknesses depending on your requirements, We recommend when buying a Tub Lid for an outdoor Hot Tub in Scotland you buy a 150mm to 100mm taper lid as it will provide maximum insulation and will be strong enough to support snow over the winter months, for a FREE Hot Tub Lid Quotation contact Hot Tub Solutions,

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