As winter approaches and the mains water temperature starts to drop you will find your Hot tub Heater starts to work a little harder and will often fail with the extra stress, Hot Tub solutions can replace most Hot Tub Heaters on most brands of hot tubs Arctic Spas, Caldera Spas, Coast Spas and Hotsprings to name but a few,

Hot tub Heaters come in all shapes and sizes and vary in capacity From 1kw in a Hotsprings Hot spot  to a 3.8kw Arctic Spa heater, most of the mainstream hot tub heater tend to be Balboa or Gecko and the most common hot tub heater being a 3kw.

Having an annual inspection on your hot tub can often pick up on the fact your heater is beginning to fail and this type of preventative maintenance can often save you money on a repair call out charge.

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