One of the common problems with cheaply made Hot Tubs is blistering Acrylic and this is down to a couple of reasons, one, the acrylic sheet material itself being poor Quility and two, the manufacturing process.

Most Arcrylic sheets used within the hot tub industry are supplied by Lucite or Aristec however like everything in life there are cheaper made equivalents on the market that won’t stand up to the environments of a Hot Tub, Most of the major brands within the Hot Tub industry use Lucite and its it rare to see Lucite blister/delaminate due to the Quility of the sheet itself its normally down to the bond between the Acrylic and the reinforcement, normally fibreglass, When buying a New Hot Tub be sure to check out the shell warranty as some suppliers will be very reluctant to replace your Hot Tub due to a blistering shell even though there warranty states 10 years shell warranty!! Most Major brand Hot Tub suppliers will replace your Hot Tub under the terms of the warranty if your shell blisters or delaminates during its warranty period, be sure to check this out before you purchase yor New Hot Tub.